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About the white rabbit

Lapino Albino is an audiovisual production company, transforming any message or communication into a film worth watching. Our skills and know-how come from many years of experience in the creation of promotional videos.  Our work has been recognized and awarded at Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards in 2014 and 2015. And we’re hungry for more. This is why we are committed to excellence and strife to make the world more beautiful by artful communication.

All the Lapino’s are passionate audiovisual storytellers and experts in the creation of fascinating videos and easy to love animations. We might not follow the classic production methods as we explore the new possibilities with the equipement available to us now.

We’re part of the ‘Youtube generation’. With creative use of technology, we try to make the biggest impact possible. Since the very beginning of Lapino Albino in 2010, our goal has been to produce exciting media tools within the borders set by our customers.  (budget, planning, deadline,…) and we continue to do so.

Be it for a film or an animation project, we will take that extra step to make your project just a little bit different; a little bit more enjoyable.  

We like to watch great movies so why would your target audience be any different?

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"You guys ROCK ! So cool guys…"

Pieter Van Den Abeele, Social Media Manager Rezidor Hotel Group