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The workflow

So you’ve decided a film or video from Lapino Albino could help you out in spreading your message and now you’re wondering how the Lapino’s are going to produce it.  

This is the story about the creation of your film or animation at Lapino Albino.

Yes, there’s that long journey ahead, up until the final version of your video.  Nobody knows what it will look like yet.  Will it be 3-dimensional or flat (2-dimensional) animation, an illustrated interview, business video clip or a filmed product presentation?

What’s the message you want to get across?  What’s your target audience?  You might already have some ideas on what you’d like, or have kept busy being creative with different styles. 

Give us all that information and let Lapino Albino chew the carrot for a while.  This is where calculation and creativity go hand in hand.  

So here’s Lapino Albino, chewing on that carrot, analyzing your demand and creating a script or synopsis document – free of charge –  to go with a detailed budget proposition. To help us in this endeavor, feel free to give us a budget range, allowing us to develop a more efficient script.  Thus fitting in your means and wishes.  

In need of more tangible budget ranges?  Go to our pricing page and scroll through the different budget range options. You will discover we also make big solutions for small prices.

The length of the video is not necessarily the main parameter for the budget but the content of the script and needed length to tell that information are. To maintain the budget form escaping the earth's orbit, here’s some words of advice: 

The amount of time your online audience remains interested in any story is ever shortening.  So what you want is to have a maximum impact in the shortest timespan possible.  That's why you need to analyse your message and find its core. 'Less is more' is a rule of thumb even more so important since a documentary or company presentation tends to be longer than internet based video’s or animations. Keep this in mind while you brief us for your video production project.

After validation of our proposition the smoothening of the production process begins.  The carrot is well underway on the digestive tract. The script and format(s) of your film are fixed, we plan the necessary key dates and appointments and the production process starts. Definitely a key moment in the production of your film or animation, since this is where our minds need to be aligned.  Keeping your input in mind, we then start the phase where all the fun is happening: filming, creating and animating the video following the initial script.

Another happy moment we’d be glad to invite you to, is the finalization process of your film. Let’s forget about the carrot metaphor in this part.

Although we’ve had different meetings to help you follow the production process of your film, you’ll only have the best first impression when you see your film as a whole: full quality, color graded and sound mixed.  And just to be sure, we’ll always keep a copy or a backup of your precious video project in our cozily guarded file vault during at least a whole year. 

The uses of video are limitless and so are the possibilities.  A commercial ad, an animated PowerPoint, an illustration on any subject, a product presentation, an event film, motion design, film coverage, documentary, corporate films, music videos, 3D animations, character designs, logo animations, screencasts, interviews, short story films, any possible video for content branding, you name it, Lapino Albino creates it.

We like working for companies that value quality, beauty and fun. Our award winning audiovisual crew is keen on finding the best way to put your message into an easy to love film or animation.

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"You guys ROCK ! So cool guys…"

Pieter Van Den Abeele, Social Media Manager Rezidor Hotel Group

Follow the white rabbit


You have that idea, a message you’d like to get across.

But, you’re not so sure how.

Suddenly it strikes you: why not transform my idea in a film? Or an animation for that matter.

But having a film doesn’t mean it’ll stand out of the massive amount of videos that are being spread each day.

Ever thought of making it sexy?  No, not that sexy.  More like: easy-to-love.

Well then, you’ll need a film production company that commits to excellence.  

What you really need is a team of strong storytellers getting your message to the next level.  Making it stand out.

You know what? Stop looking.  We’re here: Lapino Albino.

We’re no-nonsense, with our both feet strongly rooted in the ground.  Providing the perfect soil to let your film be seen as much as possible.

With us, rest assured that your project is in good hands.  We’ll cuddle it, hug it, rock it and shake with it.


Do the Lapino shake.

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