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Video Production for ARBH - KBHB

Vincent Vanasch is one of the best field hockey keepers at the moment and with his team the Red Lions, the Belgian National Hockey team, he will be competing for a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 2016. 
The National Hockey league asked him if he wanted to participate in this awareness campaign to keep Hockey a fair and fun game. 
Hockey became more and more popular in Belgium the last years and some of the unpleasant consequences was that some illnesses from other sports were transferred. Yelling parents, hooliganism, bullying, ... With this 'Stick to fair play' campaign they show how it shouldn't be to make people aware of their behaviour.

In this video we see what would Vincent Vanasch, the goalkeeper of the Belgian National Team: The Red Lions, have become if he never started with hockey.

This video was used in a digital television campaign and online purposes. A viral effect was envisioned in the hockey community.

Scenario: Pop Solutions
Production: Lapino Albino
Thanks to Vincent Vanasch, ARBH-KBHV